Construction Management

Construction Management



If you have already acquired the site for your project, compiled your design team and are moving forward we can come on board at that time to “fight the bull” on your behalf.

The menu started on the Development Management tab continues in summary below:


Advise on Construction Delivery SYSTEM options and provide input on the pros and cons as they specifically relate to the project.
Manage the CONTRACTOR selection process by means of an RFP or through competitively bidding the project with a pre-qualified list of contractors best suited for the specific project.
Prepare and update COST opinions for the construction with increasing detail and refinement include appropriate contingencies for design creep, price escalation, and market conditions.
Coordinate CONSTRUCTABILITY reviews with input from the contractor and design team to uncover potential problem areas and incorporate money-saving and cost-saving ideas into the final plans.
When the project moves into the construction phase, our focus will be serving as the conduit for all vital COMMUNICATION and documentation required to keep the project moving smoothly and effectively.
Conduct weekly PROJECT meetings to confirm schedule, quality, and cost goals are being maintained and implement corrective measures to assure the client’s goals are being met.
  • Review all project DOCUMENTATION throughout construction including RFIs, submittals, monthly billings, cost issues, lender reports and any other requirements on behalf of the client.
Manage the project CLOSE-OUT process to confirm all inspections are completed, punchlist items resolved, warranties issued, billings submitted, lien releases perfected and systems operational.
Coordinate building OCCUPANCY, be it for the client or for tenants, to make sure all requirements for the landlord and occupant are met. See the Program Management tab If you have ongoing construction, renovation or maintenance needs.
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