Development Management

Development Management



Matador Project Solutions was formed by two seasoned commercial construction veterans with a desire to have a broader and deeper involvement in the local real estate development industry.

We sensed a gap in tangible construction experience in the local Development Management providers and did our homework to verify our hunch. Our unique proposition is our combined 50+ years of front-line design-build and construction management experience which includes a wide breadth of product types, project delivery systems, client types, project team structures and overall project goals.

A brief menu of the scope of work we can provide with our Development Management Services are as follows:

Potential site evaluation, site analysis and FEASIBILITY prior to land purchase.
Coordinate geotechnical, environmental and any other REPORTS necessary to evaluate a site.
Coordinate and solicit preliminary site PLANS, utility studies, surveys and schematic designs for the Project.
Develop a comprehensive critical path SCHEDULE for the entire development process including tasks for site selection, due diligence, design, engineering, permitting, financing, contractor selection, construction and occupancy to name a few.
Develop a detailed development BUDGET including all soft costs (design, permitting, finance, etc.) and hard costs (land, construction, etc.).
Coordinate the DESIGN team selection process, including preparation of RFPs, and participate in the evaluation and interview process to pick the right team.
Assist and advise on the execution of CONTRACTS with the selected design team members.
Conduct design team meetings to confirm DEADLINES are being met and review the quality of the work product.
Participate in meetings with jurisdictional authority (city, county, state, review board, etc.) to make sure required PERMITS are issued promptly.
See the CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT tab for the continuation of this menu of services.
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